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WELCOME! I’m Ty, the owner of The LIT CEO, business coach, mom to an amazing son, and wife to a man sent straight from heaven! The original idea for the LIT CEO came after having my child young, and dealing with my body changing in all sorts of ways! I wrote the idea down for an athleisure line that was specially designed to fit all body types in 2019, and 2 years later, God told me to open the notes section on my iPhone back up and get to work. So I did! That is when the LIT CEO was officially born! I went to work finding the best manufacturers to ensure everything is top quality, comfortable, and inclusive. From late-nights, crying, to rejoicing and praising God for this blessing…this has been a journey! But one I’m happy to share with you! The LIT CEO was never meant to be just an athleisure brand, it’s an idea…it’s a community…it’s a lifestyle! We are not here just to sell you clothes, but also to help you navigate this crazy CEO world.



We are on a serious mission to #MakeLeggingsLegal everywhere and create an environment where ALL women can feel comfortable, beautiful, peaceful, and powerful! We know you love to take care of business, but self-care is more important than ever in the world we are living in. Our mission goes beyond merchandise, into a space that fosters true community and impact. Helping you along your journey as a CEO is and will always be an important part of this brand!